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Design Considerations

How can we ensure that new extensions fit with the style of older homes?

One key aspect to consider with extensions is how to stay in keeping with the existing style of your property. An unsightly or highly contrasting extension will devalue your home. New extensions need not feel or look out of place with the rest of your home. A designer’s expertise rests in finding design solutions to ensure your renovation is in keeping with the rest of your home both in terms of flow, lighting, and design.

Our designer will be focusing on the following to ensure that your design does ‘not stick out like a sore thumb’

Windows and doors
Walls, bricks and plaster
Symmetry and shape
Finishing details

He will try to match key features such as the roof with that of the existing structure. Use similar materials and try to ensure doors and windows line up with the existing fixtures.

Be confident that what you’ve got in mind will blend in with the neighbouring properties.

Our experienced designer will help and advise you through the process of planning your extension.