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Planning and Building Approval

Planning Permission

For domestic properties planning consent relates to changes in the appearance or use of buildings such as an extension to a house or a conversion of a house into apartments. Planning should not be confused with Building Regulations that are entirely separate. Planning can be one of the main hurdles to clear when thinking about making changes to your home and needs to be given consideration from the start. It may be possible that your project can be done within permitted development.

ADDS will be able to advise you of this during our initial visit.

Building Approval

Not to be confused with planning. The Building Regulations are there to ensure that buildings are constructed to a minimum quality standard for such things as structure, fire escape, drainage, ventilation, insulation and so on. The regulations can often seem unreasonable, but they are there for good reasons. Building Regulation matters are usually handled by Building Control Officers at your local authority.

ADDS will handle all these matters for you.